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It is a place of divided loyalties,

where hankering for the past disquiets

and eagerness for the future overawes

both strangers and old hands.


Here, we cobble together

a realm of ambitions .

yours, one of constancy;

mine, of hope – far from

where I was blown out

thousands of sand dunes away.


Where I come from,

we speak of movement

in hushed tones.

Where I come from,

we like to  keep still.


I look around

this city of fit and frenzy,

the stony assemblages

rising from the restless land.


And I realize

we are the same,


in this bold pastiche,

appropriated as if unalive.


A. V.

15 August 2007


2 Responses to “LAND OF EXILE”

  1. Aminatou says:

    This text is from a friend we have met recently, and this is always really great to have contributions like your’s,
    Thank you for your poem AV!
    It’s beautiful!

  2. Daniel says:

    Beautiful, perfect, delicate, and strong.

    Thank you.

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